The time has finally arrived to meet with your florist to share your wedding design dreams and you could not be more excited! Before your first consultation, read these tips and insights from industry professionals to help you feel more prepared as a bride and to show your florist that you’re a superstar client.

Photos provided by: Holli B Photography

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Share Your Vision

Help your florist get to know you and the setting for your big day. Paint a picture of the overall wedding aesthetic, personalities as a couple, and the impression you want your guests to have upon arrival. Share why you chose the venue and season. What three or four words would you use to describe your wedding day?

Examples, Examples, Examples

Bring examples. Inspiration Pins, color palette swatches, and pictures of anything you’ve already decided to include in the wedding will help your florist accurately visualize what you’re after much faster. There are, after all, dozens of shades of “raspberry.”

Budget Paves the Way

Be upfront and honest about your budget. It is a firm number or is there is some wiggle room? Your budget guides the florist’s every move. Setting clear budget expectations from the start will pave the way for a positive working relationship. Most florists can work within your budget, but it's important to start the conversation early—and to be open to new ideas and alternatives.

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Must-Have Florals

Every bride dreams of her wedding bouquet, but some brides are surprised at how many different options there are for flowers on the big day. Personal flowers relate to boutonnieres, corsages, and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Ceremony flowers include the welcome table arrangements, altar and aisle decorations. Reception flowers accent and highlight the venue such as centerpieces, cocktail and buffet arrangements, Bride's and groom's chair decorations, and cake flowers. Don’t forget to brainstorm extra blooms you might want for detail photos or floral to be placed on the cake or in your hair. You don’t have to incorporate flowers on every structure, table and awning in the venue, so work with your florist to prioritize which floral arrangements are essential to your vision.

Likes...And Dislikes

You might have your heart set on a particular bloom, or maybe you’ve vowed to be a runaway bride if a certain flower is used in your wedding. Your florist isn’t a mind reader, so help her build a full understanding of your taste. However, it’s possible that your favorite varietals won’t be in season or within your budget, so be flexible and trust your florist to find an alternative that will provide the same look and feel.


Aromas absolutely have an effect on the wedding. Some flowers have a light scent that get along with most noses, while others are more fragrant and make a statement. Highly-fragrant flowers can affect how your wedding meal tastes to friends and family. Some flower species are known to trigger allergies. Tell your florist if you’re particularly averse to strong aromas or if you want to be sensitive to any potential allergies your guests may have.

Season Matters

Flowers are delicate and natural things. Your florist is an expert when it comes to the many variables of your wedding day and how these can affect florals. Allow your florist to make substitutions for desired blooms if they are out of season, priced out of your budget, or if weather events affected the crop from the wholesaler. Trust your florist to use her best judgement when making minor substitutions that will help you achieve your end goal on budget that is true to your style.

Keep Your Florist in the Loop

Include your florist in the development of your wedding day timeline. There are a lot of logistics that go into the wedding day florals, many of which require the collaboration between the florist, the venue, and the photographer. You don’t have to be responsible for knowing every little thing, but your florist does! The more she knows, the better she can plan to make your day stress-free.

Make sure you have answers to these questions:

  • What time can the florist arrive for set up?

  • Are there any particular venue restrictions or considerations for the day?

  • What time do you plan on taking photos, and does your photographer want to shoot details like your bouquet first?

  • Do you have a plan to return your bouquet to water or a cooler during any long gaps in photos?

  • Will you designate family to take home arrangements, vases and hardware to be returned to the floral shop?

  • Will the florist return for tear down at the end of the night?

Trust Her Experience and Professionalism

It’s likely that you’ve chosen your florist carefully based on personal recommendations, online reviews, and years of experience. While you should be prepared for your first design consultation, go in with an open mind. Heed the advice above from the professionals, but note that your florist may have her own creative suggestions that you had not considered that could elevate your wedding design. Trust her to have your best interests in mind when creating your wedding design because she wants to make your wedding dreams come true!

Photos provided by: Holli B Photography