You’re on the homestretch of wedding planning. The wedding is less than two months away. You’ve defined your design style and aesthetic, met your florist and developed an amazing plan to bring your floral dreams to life, and details for the big day. As you approach your wedding day, we recommend keeping a few things in mind to ensure you stay true to your style and priorities.

Photos provided by: Randy Coleman Photography

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Trust Your Choices

You’ve spent time researching and reflecting on your personal style, budget, and wedding design goals. Remember the time you invested in this process during the first stages of planning. There will always be an abundance of wedding inspiration in the form of blogs, magazines, styled shoots, pinned photos, and instagram posts. At this point in your planning process, you should not be seeking new inspiration. Stop pinning and saving instagram posts that are not in line with the plan you’ve developed. There will also come a time when you should stop pinning altogether (read: 2 weeks before the wedding). Resist the urge to incorporate trends or practices you’ve seen in other celebrations that are not true to your vision or feasible within your venue or budget parameters.

Trust Your Professionals

You’ve enlisted an incredible team of professionals to help bring your vision to life. Taking the time early on to ensure your vendors truly understand your priorities and vision will allow them the freedom to perform their service or craft with your best interests in mind. Passing off control and decision making for those minor details will be freeing. This concept especially rings true for your floral and design pros, but the same practice should be applied to other vendors like your coordinator, photographer, or cake designer. Let them focus on the details so that you can focus on what truly matters most: your marriage.

Consider Your Guests

A quick search online will produce surprising and varied results of all the details that guests often overlook at weddings. In our experience favors, programs, invitations, and guest books are the most often forgotten, while mood, aesthetic, food, entertainment, and venue make the most lasting impressions with guests. Don’t let yourself get hung up on the wayward details.

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Envision Your Memories

Our final piece of advice is to remember the significance of this celebration. Look ahead to the memories that will be most vivid to you and your fiance from the wedding day. You should anticipate the emotion this celebration will bring. Think of all the friends and family you’ll get to connect with that day. Look forward to your first look, your vows, and the dance floor later in the night. Let these things shape your wedding planning experience through the perspective of excitement, joy, and love.

  Photos provided by:  Randy Coleman Photography

Photos provided by: Randy Coleman Photography